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Our Core Services


We use only the latest technology and databases to perform our QEEG analysis..

Neurofeedback Training

We are trained in various forms of Neurofeedback to accomodate all clients..

We do a Brain Mapping analysis in order to determine which form of Neurofeedback training will best suit the clients needs. This includes an analysis of the surface activity as well as deeper brain structures. We can then better determine the best course of action for each client. Please have a look under What to Expect for documents on the process.

Please contact us for further information.We Diagnose & Treat

Unique Problems in Our Research Center

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QEEG and sLoreta analsis

Power training

This includes all forms of normal power training as is required according to the clients analysis results.

Z-Score Training

Z score training can also be seen as “normal-score” training. It trains the client’s brainwaves towards what is an accepted normal value. It makes it possible to train all amplitudes as well as coherence, phase and asymmetry at the same time. This makes it an extremely efficient form of training. 

 Z-score Training software was originally developed in conjunction with BrainMaster and Applied Neuroscience. It allows clinicians to train clients by comparing their live EEG data with an FDA approved database of adults and children. Trainees thus receive neurofeedback reinforcement when their EEG falls within a set limit such as plus/minus for example 1.5 standard deviations from the norm. 

We have the capability to do  2-19 channel Z-score training depending on the clients needs.

sLoreta training

sLoreta training makes it possible to train the deeper structures of the brain. This is some of the latest technology which allows us to go to the source of the abnormal activity that could till recently only be trained on the surface of the brain.

ISF (Infra Slow Fluctuation) training

This form of training is focused on the lowest energy produced by the brain. Each clients optimum frequency is determined over a few sessions and it leads to reaching an optimum state of effect  and arousal in session. It is especially helpful in cases where there is some autonomic dysfunction.

ISF training : The latest clinical/technical article on ISF in The Journal of NeuroRegulation can be read at

Please note: Most of the time a combination of the different forms of training is used in order to address all needs.

More Services

Introducing Myndlift Remote Trianing

Do you live too far or is your schedule too busy to come for weekly sessions? You can now do training from the comfort of your own home!

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Additional services

Myndlift can be used by both adults and children to address various issues, from concentration and focus to sleeping and anxiety problems

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