Assessing the following:

  • Reaction Time
  • Visual Memory
  • Peripheral Awareness
  • Hand-Eye Coordination
  • Foot-Eye Coordination
  • Visual Processing
  • Visual Concentration
  • Depth and Spacial


  • Cognitive Function
  • Brain Fitness and Brain Performance

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The Fitlight system- your key to enhanced brain performance

The Fitlight system is a completely mobile wireless training system that is adapted and configured to strengthens the brain-body balance by specifically assessing and training the three core areas associated with being a high-performance athlete; health-related fitness, skill-related fitness (visual skills), and most importantly – brain fitness and brain performance.

The system is controlled by a tablet through which all the programs are designed specifically to enhance all aspects of visual skills; including: reaction time, peripheral awareness, visual memory, visual processing, depth and spacial perception, hand-eye – and foot-eye coordination, and visual concentration. Each session also focusses on enhancing brain fitness, brain performance, and cognitive intelligence.

The Fitlight system is not only for high-performing athletes as it can be utilized by anyone to improve their brain performance. Incorporating visual skills and brain fitness training into your weekly regime can have a significant impact on your work ethic; as it will improve your overall concentration throughout the day. Better concentration leads to more efficient working and therefore improved performance in the workplace and classroom. Improved brain fitness enables a person to use both brain hemispheres simultaneously during any situation, thereby promoting creative ideas and quick decision-making.


The system is particularly beneficial for children. The earlier children develop their visual skills and brain fitness, the earlier they learn to integrate both brain hemispheres- leading to enhanced performance not only on the sport field but, most importantly, in the classroom.  Children with Autism and ADHD can particularly benefit from the Fitlight program as the program is specifically geared to enhance concentration, brain fitness, and cognitive development in a fun, low pressure environment. The fitlight system also helps children develop social relationships, understanding of rules, fitness and training habits, and motor-coordination.