Epilepsy Congress

World Congress on Epilepsy and Brain Disorders

URL: https://epilepsycongress.neuroconferences.com/


World Congress on Epilepsy and Brain Disorders (Epilepsy Congress 2018) is planned to be held in Cape Town, South Africa amid November 22-23, 2018. Epilepsy Congress will set a stage for Educators, Epileptologist, Brain Surgeons, Neuro specialists and researchers to give an inclusive talk about the approach towards Epilepsy and Brain Disorders with the help of Organizing Committee Members. We sincerely welcome prominent Neurologists, Educators, Researchers, Psychiatrist, Therapeutic understudies and Business experts to talk about Epilepsy, Chronic Diseases, Brain Surgery, Psychiatric Disorders, Anti-Epileptic Medicine, Neurological Disorder, under a sequestered stage for an extraordinary time frame for sharing their insight among this social occasion.

The main theme of the Epilepsy Congress is ‘’ Elimination of Epilepsy’’